Friday, September 24, 2004

Fahrenhype vs. Fahrenheit

Dick Morris, host of the documentary Fahrenhype 911, has challenged Michael Moore to a debate:

"I challenge Michael Moore to a debate," Morris told NewsMax. "Joe Louis once said of a fighter who enters the ring with him that he can run but he can't hide. It is time for Michael Moore to come out of hiding and answer for the misrepresentations, misconceptions and mischaracterizations in his movie."

Morris noted that Moore has actually said that he believes there is no real terrorist threat and that the war on terror is just an excuse for George W. Bush and his supporters to advance some bizarre conspiracy to obtain more power and line their pockets. . . .

Whether Moore will respond to Morris' challenge remains to be seen. Newsmax has more news about the film itself:

According to Morris, "Fahrenhype 9/11" is available for sale and rental beginning Oct. 5, with taking pre-orders for the film.

In addition to Morris, the film features Hollywood's Ron Silver, Sen. Zell Miller, Congressman Peter King, Ed Koch, best-selling author Ann Coulter and, according to the movie poster, "many more."