Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Michael Moore has never been to Iraq.

According to Steve of TheTruthAboutIraq.Org :

To me this is obvious, as it is to any civilian who was in Iraq. I only recently came to realize that this is unknown to the rest of the world. 1) Baghdad is a small town for expats. When Sean Penn showed up again, everybody knew. We tried to get him to drink with us. 2) Moore got his footage by soliciting freelance camera operators by email. I know, because he solicited a friend of mine. Note that Michael is never seen in any footage from Iraq in F 9/11. Here is the email exchange with my friend the freelancer. I've taken all identifying features out of the email, save for my name and Michael's people's names, because my friend the camera guy asked for confidentiality. As he points out, read the dialogue from bottom to top. . . .READ MORE.