Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Matthew Rothschild: "an odd mix between a PBS Frontline show and a Bush's Bloopers reel"

Matthew Rothschild, editor of the liberal periodical The Progressive, reviews F911 . . . and even he find Moore's Bush-bashing overbearing:

. . . he had a great movie on his hands, and he couldn't leave well enough alone.

Instead, he intruded, as is his trademark, too much into his own film. He used a sledgehammer approach when a dagger would have done the job, and he tarnished his whole enterprise with a tone that will be off-putting to all but the Moveon.org crowd.

Make no mistake: This was an in-crowd movie.

Moore has said he wants the movie to be a tool to defeat Bush. But if that's the intention, I'm afraid he's failed.