Friday, June 25, 2004

Michael Moore grilled on ABC News

ABC News' Jake Tapper grills Michael Moore. During the interview, Moore vehemently defended his charge that Saddam Hussein's regime "did not commit a premeditated murder on an American citizen":

TAPPER: You declare in the film that Hussein's regime had never killed an American . . .

MOORE: That isn't what I said. Quote the movie directly.

TAPPER: What is the quote exactly?

MOORE: "Murdered." The government of Iraq did not commit a premeditated murder on an American citizen. I'd like you to point out one.

TAPPER: If the government of Iraq permitted a terrorist named Abu Nidal who is certainly responsible for killing Americans to have Iraq as a safe haven; if Saddam Hussein funded suicide bombers in Israel who did kill Americans; if the Iraqi police -- now this is not a murder but it's a plan to murder — to assassinate President Bush which at the time merited airstrikes from President Clinton once that plot was discovered; does that not belie your claim that the Iraqi government never murdered an American or never had a hand in murdering an American?

MOORE: No, because nothing you just said is proof that the Iraqi government ever murdered an American citizen. And I am still waiting for you to present that proof.

Who's side is Michael Moore on, anyway?