Sunday, June 27, 2004

Stupid flaw in Moore's 'Congressman' stunt

Fritz Schranck blogs his review of the film, and notes another typically-Moorish underhanded tactic:

One of the minor stunts he pulls off in this film also helps illustrate how fast and loose Moore is with the underlying facts.

He goes to Washington, allegedly in an attempt to entice Members of Congress to enlist their own children into the armed services. At one point, you can hear him call out to Delaware's lone representative, Mike Castle, as Castle walks past.

Here's a tip -- if you want a Congressman to enlist his children in the Marines, you might first want to make sure he has some.

Castle has no children, a simple, easy-to-confirm fact which Moore conveniently ignores for the sake of this shtick.

Some are worrying about Moore's influence on the minds of the masses in the coming election; Schranck, however, expresses the hope:

Moore is one of the folks about whom a particularly apt lesson applies: you can't make an a**hole feel like one. Fortunately, not many people fit that description. And just because he's immune to logic and any notion of fair discourse doesn't mean that the American people won't eventually understand the error of Moore's ways -- especially the means by which he created this mockumentary.